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What is a Vegan Diet

Many people have heard of vegetarian diets but may wonder just what is a vegan diet. Vegetarians do not eat meat but they do eat animal products such as eggs, cheese, butter and milk. In answer to the question, what is a vegan diet? It is a diet that does not contain meat, nor does it contain any animal products or dairy foods such as milk, cheese, butter and eggs. A vegan diet is necessarily a low fat diet because it des not contain fatty foods.

What is a Vegan Diet

Meat Substitutes in a Vegan Diet

When anyone asks the question of what is a vegan diet you need to start with the definition of a vegan as outlined above. Having covered what a vegan diet does not contain then you would then need to go on with what it does contain. While a vegan diet is very low fat because it does not contain meat or dairy products, most vegans will eat meat and dairy substitutes. Vegetarian sausages and mince are generally made form natural protein sources such as Soya and tofu as is vegetarian cheese. When you are considering what is a vegan diet, you need to remember that if you are buying a vegetarian substitute you need to read the label. A vegan meat or dairy substitute will contain no animal by products whatsoever, but this is not necessarily the case with vegetarian substitutes which may contain milk or animal oil. A vegan diet may also contain dairy substitutes such as Soya milk and Soya cheese and ice cream.

Grains in a Vegan Diet

If you are seriously considering what is a vegan diet, then you need to include various whole grains, nuts and pulses. Most vegans will eat brown rice rather than white rice because it is less refined and contains more of the natural goodness found in rice. Similarly a vegan diet will often include wholemeal bread and pasta rather than the white variety for the same reason, and for the fact that wholemeal carbohydrates and whole grain contain a lot more fibre than their white counterparts.

Wheat bran, rice bran and quinoa are grains that are rich in protein and vegans will use them alone or to thicken soups and stews. Nuts are another good source of protein and most vegan diets would include dishes that contained nuts. Next time you ask the question what is a vegan diet, you will already know that a vegan diet consists of a lot more than just plain old fruit and vegetables – which are exceedingly good for you.

Some people may want to know what is a vegan diet, because they may be considering embarking on a vegan diet plan to lose weight. A problem with vegan diets is that they are often low in iron and B vitamins and most vegans will make up these deficiencies by taking vitamin and mineral supplements. The components of a good vegan diet have many benefits besides that of enabling obese people to lose weight.

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