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Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

There has been more interest in the effects of a vegan diet for weight loss. The fact that vegans do not eat meat or animal products such as butter and cheese makes a vegan diet a low fat diet which is important for losing weight. You only have to look at the women's magazine section in supermarkets and stationers to realise that many of us are always on the look out for the perfect diet. Society puts constant pressure on women in particular to look the best that they can and an increasing number of weight conscious people are now turning to a vegan diet for weight loss.

Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

High Fibre, Low Fat

Vegans eat a lot of whole grains and pulses with their vegetables and meat and milk substitutes and this makes a vegan diet for weight loss ideal because fibre is essential to a healthy diet. Fibre helps the body get rid of waste products more easily and it also helps to lower fluid retention. A significant factor in losing weight is to reduce the fat intake. A vegan diet for weight loss is low fat because vegans do not eat the saturated fats that are a major part of most western diets. When you reduce your intake of fat, there is less fat left behind on your body, adding to your weight.

Many people find that there are other significant benefits when they embark on a vegan diet for weight loss. Low fat diets reduce the amount of indigestion that people suffer from and this is largely because the cholesterol levels in the body are reduced. High levels of cholesterol are dangerous and can lead to strokes and heart attacks. People who eat a vegan diet for weight loss often find that the levels of cholesterol in their blood are lowered. Vegans eat sensible carbs; whole grains are rich in fibre which means that there is less fat build up on the body. High fibre low fat diets have also been proved to improve the condition of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes, keeping their blood sugar levels under greater control and encouraging the body's production of natural insulin.

Self Esteem

The notion that obese people are happier than people of a more normal body mass index is a myth. Because modern society frowns on fatness for a number of reasons, not all of them concerned with body image, fat people often have low sense of self esteem. Health practitioners and government public service announcements rail against obesity as one of the modern evils of the world. While they are right to say that obese people are less healthy the subtext of blame in these things can be very damaging.

As more people turn to a vegan diet for weight loss and overcome the problems associated with obesity, so their sense of self esteem goes up and they are happier for it. A vegan diet for weight loss has a lot of other benefits that western societies should take note of.

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