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Vegan Diet for Diabetics

A vegan diet is one that does not contain meat, fish or any animal products such as milk and cheese. Some studies have shown that a vegan diet of diabetics can help to improve the condition, particularly in type 2 diabetes. The fact is that diabetes is often linked to obesity and heart problems, both of which are exacerbated by an over indulgence in meat and dairy products. A vegan diet for diabetics will mean that the person with diabetes will lose quite a bit of weight and this in itself can help to alleviate the condition. There is no doubt that whether you have diabetes or not, controlling your weight can make a significant difference to your health.

Vegan Diet for Diabetics

Heart Problems

A vegan diet for diabetics may reduce the number of diabetics who also suffer from heart problems. Experts tend to suggest that there is often a link between the two problems, and that poor diet is usually a significant contributory factor. Heart problems are a major concern in modern western societies and many studies show that these problems are often a direct result of the amount of saturated fat in many people's diets. A vegan diet for diabetics is free from saturated fats because vegans do not eat animal products such as full cream milk, full fat cheese and butter. Saturated fats can cause high levels of cholesterol in the body which in turn can lead to clogged arteries, strokes and heart attacks. When a person changes to a vegan diet for diabetics their cholesterol levels are significantly lowered and this in turn affects their blood sugar levels in a positive way.

Weight Problems

Obesity is rife in the western world and many people who are obese subsequently develop type 2 diabetes. One of the long term effects of a vegan diet for diabetics is that the lack of fat in the diet often results in a dramatic weight loss and this in turn can have a positive effect on other health problems. Vegetarian and vegan meals are virtually fat free diets because dairy foods and other animal products are eliminated from the diet. The reduction in fat and keeping a keen watch on carbohydrates means that a vegan diet for diabetics can help to keep conditions like type 2 diabetes under control.

A vegan diet for diabetics, like most vegan diets includes large amounts of fruit, vegetables, grain and legumes, foods that are rich in certain chemicals and the necessary fibre that is helpful in diabetic conditions. A major problem for many people with type 2 diabetes is keeping their weight under control. A vegan diet of diabetics usually results in a good deal of weight loss and some studies show that such a diet can also make the body more responsive to natural insulin, which is great for anyone who suffers from type 2 diabetes. Recent studies tend to suggest that a vegan diet for diabetics can result in the person with the condition having to rely less on manufactured insulin. A vegan diet not only helps with diabetes, it also helps to alleviate associated conditions such as kidney failure and heart problems.

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