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Vegan Diet Foods

Like many other people who are not vegans, you may be wondering just what on earth a vegan eats. You would be surprised at the number of vegan diet foods on the market today. The modern vegan does not have to rely on fruit and vegetables and grains and pulses alone, there are all kinds of specialist items that are now incorporated into most vegan diets. Vegetarians don't eat meat but will often eat dairy products such as butter, eggs and cheese; vegans on the other hand don't eat any dairy products at all in addition to not eating meat. In spite of the fact that vegans do not eat the foods that provide much of the protein in many people's diets, they do get sufficient protein from other sources.

Vegan Diet Foods

A Healthy Diet

Studies undertaken into the health of vegans in recent years has shown that by and large vegan diet foods can form the basis of a very healthy diet. A vegan diet can be extremely beneficial if you are trying to lose a lot of weight quite quickly, and may be the answer to the problems of obesity that are part of modern western societies. It is a good idea to eat different types of vegan diet foods at different times of the day, so breakfast might include porridge oats and fruit with wholemeal toast, lunch might be some vegetable soup and a small chunk of bread followed by some fruit and dinner might be some tofu mince, sweet potato mash and green vegetables followed by some Soya ice cream.

Some Vegan Diet Foods

Vegan diet foods include a grain called quinoa, which is high in protein and vegans may eat this at different times of the day. Vegan snacks may include dried fruit and nuts, crackers and crudités, while sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are an additional source of iron. Many vegans will use Soya milk in drinks and to make custards and rice puddings and if you have vegan friends you could be offered a Soya cheese sandwich. Tofu and Soya protein are both used as meat substitutes and are eaten by vegetarians as well as vegans. You could be offered sausages made from tofu or perhaps a shepherd's pie made with Soya mince. Nowadays there is a much greater variety of vegan diet foods available.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that vegan diet foods have some significant health benefits, but, like any other diets there are some problems although these are easily overcome. Vegan diet foods are lacking in iron and b vitamins compared to diets that include meat and dairy foods so it is important to add vitamin and mineral supplements to the diet to make up for the lack. There is plenty of protein in many of the items that you find in vegan diet foods but vegans may suffer from poor muscle tone when they lose weight. A sensible exercise programme, combined with vegan diet foods rich in protein, is usually the answer to this particular problem.

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