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Vegan Diet Facts

Many people fail to understand much about vegans because they do not have the correct vegan diet facts. In a modern western society we are so used to plates piled high with meat and bread smothered in butter and full fat cheeps that it is difficult to see how a person could possibly live without them. How do vegans manage to compensate for the protein they lose when they stop eating things such as meat and eggs and stop drinking cow's milk.

Vegan Diet Facts

Protein Facts

Many people think that there is not enough protein in a vegan diet because they are not aware of the vegan diet facts about alternative sources of protein. It is true that vegans do not eat meat and neither do they eat animal products such as cheese, milk and butter. Sometimes people get confused over the vegan diet facts about what constitutes and animal product. Vegans don't eat eggs because the egg is produced by a chicken that is kept for nothing more than its egg laying capabilities. Milk is an animal product and because butter and cheese are both made from that milk, they are also animal products.

The real vegan diet facts are that you do not need either meat or saturated fat animal by products in order to eat a diet that is rich in protein. Most people don't realise that protein is available in all sorts of everyday foods such as peanut butter, wholemeal bread and whole foods such as nuts and seeds. Bran and wheat rice are good sources of protein and one of the protein facts you might not know is that there is a Soya product known as quinoa that is high in protein and can be added to soups and stews to give more bulk and make them more nutritious.

Fibre Facts

One of the little known vegan diet facts, at least by non-vegans, is that a vegan diet is full of fibre. Medical and nutrition experts tell us that fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet and all too often most people do not have enough fibre in their diets because they eat white bread and white rice. There is plenty of fibre in wholemeal bread, brown loaves and certain grains. Fibre is necessary to make sure our body's digestion system is in good working order. Vegan diet facts tend to suggest that vegans have fewer dietary problems than non-vegans.

One of the more popular vegan diet facts is that it is a healthy diet. A vegan diet is virtually fat free, high in protein and full of complex carbs. In recent years there has been a lot more interest in vegan diet facts simply because it is one of the best and safest means of losing weight. A vegan diet is sometimes deficient in iron and B vitamins and also calcium. Most sensible vegans know that if they add supplements to their vegan diet it is probably one of the healthiest diets around.

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