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Raw Vegan Diet

A raw vegan diet has become quite popular among some vegans. Vegans eat neither meat nor any form of animal products so their diet mostly consists of fruit, vegetables and grains which can be eaten raw. While some people believe that all food can be eaten raw, and be healthy, this is not necessarily the case. A raw vegan diet may not be to the taste of all vegans, but it is still very popular in some quarters. There are some vegans who believe that cooking vegetables and grains destroys all of the nutrients, but this is not the case, over cooking can certainly lessen the nutritional value of foods.

Raw Vegan Diet

Problems with a Raw Vegan Diet

Some vegans believe that even if you eat a raw vegan diet, there are some foods that taste better and are better for the digestion if they are cooked. Most people who start out on a raw vegan diet find that they lose weight. While losing weight may be seen as a positive outcome of eating raw food, one of the problems that can occur on an uncooked vegan diet, is the loss of muscle as well as fat. If you are on a vegan diet then you will need to take supplements as most vegan diets are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B12.

Certain foods such as broccoli and sprouts contain a substance that can affect the body's iodine levels and interfere with the working of the thyroid gland. Although the substance is in the vegetables when they are cooked, it is a lot less likely to have an adverse effect on the body. Some nutritionists advise that if you are on a raw vegan diet, you should avoid eating raw broccoli and sprouts. A further problem for vegans, especially those who eat only raw food, is that the diet is severely lacking in iodine so you may need to take supplements to make up for that lack if you are on a raw vegan diet.

Building Muscle on a Raw Vegan Diet

One of the problems associated with many vegan diets, whether or not it is a raw vegan diet, is that many vegans tend to have much poorer muscle tone than non-vegans. There are however, things that a vegan can eat to improve their muscle tone, and you can also do this even when you are on a raw vegan diet. If you want to improve your muscle tone then you need to increase your intake of those non-meat and non-dairy foods with higher levels of protein and you need to do some exercises.

Just as people need to eat sensibly and exercise when they want to lose weight, so people who want to build muscle tone when they are on a raw vegan diet, need to add regular workouts to their increased intake of protein. You will need to eat more food when you exercise because you will be burning more energy at the same time as you are building up muscle tone.

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