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Low Fat Vegan Diet

A low fat vegan diet is not too hard to achieve because vegans don't eat dairy products and animal fats. Most people who embark on a low fat diet already eat dairy products and saturated fats such as butter. Vegans tend to eat a lot less fat than the rest of the population and this has the benefit of their being less likely to suffer from problems associated with diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and clogged arteries. Some medics believe that a low fat vegan diet is one of the best ways of reducing levels of obesity in adults. Most children and adults who have been classified as obese often have diets that contain high levels of saturated fats. A short stint on a vegan diet could help to reduce many of the health problems that are the result of diets that contain far too much fat.

Low Fat Vegan Diet

Dairy Substitutes

Nowadays it is possible for vegans to get substitute dairy products that do not contain animal fats. Items such as Soya milk and cheese are now available and do not contain any animal fats. The fact is that a vegan diet is far more naturally based than most other diets as they tend to rely on plant based foods, which means their levels of cholesterol are usually far lower than those found in the rest of the population. Dairy substitutes are virtually fat free because they are made primarily from Soya beans. Vegans do not eat things such as processed meat but will eat meat substitutes in the form of Soya and tofu.

Vegetable Based

Other than the dairy and meat substitutes mentioned above, a low fat vegan diet consists largely of vegetables, fruit, legumes, grains and nuts. A low fat vegan diet is ideal if you want to lose weight healthily but you should take certain supplements. Vegan diets tend to be low in iron, calcium and vitamin B12 and in order to remain healthy on a vegan diet vitamin and mineral supplements are needed. Some doctors recommend a low fat vegan diet for people with diabetes and high cholesterol levels as the lack of saturated fats in the diet has brought some improvement to people suffering from these problems.

Vegans will eat vegetable pasta bake, soup, meat substitutes such as Soya protein or tofu with vegetables as well as bread, wheat and rice bran and other grains. A low fat vegan diet can be surprisingly tasty and is certainly healthy when the required supplements are also taken. Many vegans start out as vegetarians and then gradually give up animal products altogether. In many parts of Asia a vegetarian diet is the norm and many people are also vegans who consume no animal products at all. A vegetable based low fat vegan diet may be one of the best ways of dealing with obesity. Many adults who suffer from diabetes also suffer from obesity and some studies have shown that a period on a low fat vegan diet can reduce the seriousness of the diabetes and significantly reduce levels of obesity.

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