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Low Carb Vegan Diet

If you are a vegan yet you struggle with weight problems then you may want to consider a low carb vegan diet. Even for non-vegans, some of the eating and dieting programmes that are around today stress the need for a low carb diet as carbohydrates really do contribute to weight problems. There are different types of carbohydrates and foods such as brown rice might be considered a healthy carb where sticky pastries and too many potatoes are not healthy.

Low Carb Vegan Diet

A low carb vegan diet can be achieved by substituting sweet potatoes for ordinary potatoes, brown rice and pasta for the white varieties and wholemeal bread rather than white bread. Celery mash is another, less fattening alternative to mashed potatoes, providing you like the taste of celery. A low carb vegan diet needs to include plenty of pulses and grains as these can provide the bulk that the body needs. One of the main reasons we tend to eat a diet that is high in carbohydrates is because we fill more full when we have eaten several slices of bread or a large slice of cake. The trick with a low carb diet is to find things that help you to feel full but which do not put extra weight on your stomach and thighs.

Sensible Carbohydrates

Some carbohydrates are better for us than others. A low carb vegan diet really should include wholemeal bread. The fibre in wholemeal bread helps to keep the body running smoothly and this means that less of the carbohydrate ends up on our thighs. Other than a little vitamin C, providing they are not overcooked, potatoes are virtually all carbohydrate; their job is to fill us up. In a low carb vegan diet it is sensible to substitute potatoes for a little sweet potatoe which is a lot less fattening than its brother. Wholemeal pasta should also be part of a low carb vegan diet, because again it has plenty of fibre, enabling the digestion system to function properly. Most vegans tend not to eat cakes and pastries, particularly ready made because of the problem of animal fats, so they generally eat less carbs than non-vegans.


Nowadays vegans have more choice in substitute foods, Soya milk for example is made from natural products and it is also possible to get Soya cheese in some speciality stores. The key to dealing with a low carb vegan diet is to make sure that you are eating a properly balanced diet. Nuts and grains are good alternative sources of protein and sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds provide some of the extra calcium that is needed in a low carb vegan diet. Some vegans are diabetic and a low carb vegan diet can be especially beneficial. Just cutting your intake of carbohydrates by ten grammas a day can be beneficial if you suffer from type 1 diabetes. Reducing your intake of carbohydrates can help you to lose weight over time, but don't be too drastic; the most important thing is to eat a balanced vegan diet.

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