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Vegan Diet

People choose to eat a vegan diet for many reasons. Some individuals choose vegan foods because they have been advised that going on a vegan diet will help them to lose weight quite quickly while other people adopt a vegan diet because they do not believe in eating meat or animal products. A vegan diet consists largely of vegetables, fruit, tofu, Soya protein, nuts and grains. Vegans do not eat meat or dairy foods because these are animal products.

Vegan Diet

What You Give UP

If you have decided that your conscience dictates you should not eat meat nor animal products, then it may not be too hard if you were not a great meat eater to start with. What can come as a surprise to many people who are new to a vegan diet is that if the weather turns very warm and you fancy something cooling, ice cream is not part of a vegan diet. You give up milk from cows and goats, butter and cheese as well as meat and eggs when you become a true vegan, so you need to be really determined if you are going to make things work. Many people who are new to a vegan diet may not realise that there are vegan substitutes for some of the foods that they loved before they became a vegan.

Vegan Substitutes

You may be surprised to know that all those products that are made to look like sausages and mince etc. are not just for vegetarians, they can also form a large part of the vegan diet. Tofu and Soya protein among other things are used in the formation of meat substitutes and are eaten by all than the most hardened purists. If you like milk in your tea then you will be pleased to know that Soya milk, which is made from Soya protein, works just as well as cows or goat's milk. Nowadays it is possible to buy cheese that is also made from Soya protein, and vegetarian baked beans have been on the market now for quite some time. If you were an ice cream lover in your pre-vegan life then you will be pleased to know that there is quite a good Soya ice cream substitute. You may need to shop around and search for some of the substitutes for your vegan diet, but they are definitely around.

A vegan diet will include lots of different types of beans and grains, including wheat bran and rice bran which are good sources of iron. Porridge oats, peanut butter and wholemeal bread and pasta are usually included in a vegan diet. You will get plenty of protein from the Soya protein and there is more protein in wholemeal bread and brown rice than there is in white. Most vegans will need to take vitamin supplements because a vegan diet is often low in vitamin B12 and in calcium. You will find that there are many benefits in a vegan diet including weight loss, lower levels of cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels, important if you suffer from diabetes.

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