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Healthy Vegan Diet

Vegans go without many of the foods that we might regard as essential to healthy eating and yet it is possible for people ot eat a healthy vegan diet without those products. Most experts will agree that in modern western societies we can eat too much of a good thing and over indulgence in red meat and dairy products is not a good basis for a healthy diet. Vegans do need to be careful that they eat foods that compensate for the lack of iron and other essential minerals and vitamins. Providing vegans eat alternative sources of protein and take some supplements they will be eating a healthy vegan diet.

Healthy Vegan Diet

Iron Rich Foods

Iron rich foods are essential to any diet but because a vegan does not eat meat, they need to find alternative sources of iron in order to eat a healthy vegan diet. Grains such as rice bran and wheat bran are excellent sources of iron, as are green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. A healthy vegan diet should include fruits such as grapes, strawberries, lemons and cherries as these are all sources of iron. As well as adding iron rich foods to eating programme, vegans may need to take iron supplements to ensure that they have healthy red blood cells. A healthy vegan diet is more efficient when it is supported by extra vitamin and mineral supplements.

Fibre and Protein

Most of us get plenty of protein from meat and dairy products, in fact all too many of us eat far too much of these types of foods and this is not conducive to a healthy diet. Vegans need to eat other sources of protein such as tofu, soya and nuts because they are not getting protein from meat, fish and dairy foods. A healthy vegan diet should include the various sources of protein because the body needs it in order to sustain tissue and build up healthy muscles. One of the problems for everyone is that protein does not easily break down so that it can be put to the best use by the body and fibre is needed to help absorb protein. A healthy vegan diet should include wholemeal bread, brown rice and beans as these will provide the fibre that will help to break the protein down so that it can be used by the body.

A healthy vegan diet is achievable just by adding a few things and by drinking plenty of water. As a general rule most of us do not drink enough water and a drinking a couple of litres of water a day is an essential part of a healthy vegan diet. When you eat a good mix of protein substitutes, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits and grains, it is possible to have a healthy vegan diet. Eating a balanced vegan diet should mean that you will avoid many of the ills that have become associated with a western lifestyle such as obesity, heart attacks and strokes.

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